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How would your life change if you could just perform the CEO duties within your business? Would it free up more time, make more room for you to be the creator, not the employee, or even allow you to earn more money while doing less work. In THE XECUTIVE XPERIENCE business owners are introduced to the tools & skills necessary to transition to a CEO from an entrepreneur while learning important differences between the two. 

This Ebook is written by Natalia Cox, CEO of Xecutive Drive (providing business & financial services) and Co-Founder of Black Luxury Group (a wealth management network). Natalia has worked her way up the latter from an accountant to CEO. After parting ways from a previous employer, burning out as an entrepreneur, she finally, tapped into her CEO mindset. When she then removed herself from the day-to-day business activities and created a 7 figure business plan that operates, while she only manages it.

THE XECUTIVE XPERIENCE is a compelling book that identifies the qualities and traits of an entrepreneur and CEO. Walking you through the transition of operating a one man business to developing a corporation with a team of staff. Including a personalized section for self reflection, resources for cost effective team building, business planning, delegating, and more.

After experiencing the struggles of being a one man business, she developed a new plan to provide the same services; increasing sells while decreasing her work hours. Now, she's sharing her experiences and successes with others to prevent the same struggles.

Book Highlights:

  • Understanding the value of your role

  • How transition into new roles

  • Business evaluation questionnaire

  • Business resources

  • Guided steps

  • Self reflection section

  • Business & Leadership improvement strategies

  • Business Automations

  • Proven successful tips

  • And more

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