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Building businesses with start-up and management solutions.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Our business development services are here to support you strategically launch and expand your company with trusted business consultants.

At Xecutive Drive, we understand for any organization to succeed, regardless of size—new or established—strategic direction and assistance are essential.


Our professionals help clients setup small businesses in all 50 states with startup assistance in-office and virtually.

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Business Startup
Purchasing Assistance
Business Lending

Tax Exemption
Trucking Solutions

Xecutive Drive is a business and accounting firm located in the heart of Port Saint Lucie, FL. We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses manage their finances and develop their company structure. Our team consists of  tax preparers, accountants, and business consultants assisting with simple and complex business needs.

We welcome you to join the Xecutive Drive Family, where we believe success starts with you and succeeds with your team.

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Business Startup

Our business startup service offers the direction and assistance you need to manage the particular requirements of forming a business entity in Florida the Sunshine State or any other state. Whether you're a local business owner or hoping to grow into other thriving markets, we can assist you establish a LLC, INC, Non-profit, LP, and DBA.


Franchise Solutions

We provide comprehensive support for individuals looking to start or manage franchise businesses. Our services include documentation preparation, strategic planning, market research, financial fitness assessments, and various other related services to help franchisees succeed.


Business Lending

We offer guidance and support in securing financing for businesses, helping them access the capital they need to grow and thrive.


Tax Exemption Services

We assist non-profit organizations, charitable trusts, and foundations in obtaining tax exemptions, ensuring compliance with tax regulations, and maximizing their impact.


Entity Management

We help businesses with ongoing entity management tasks such as annual report filing, bylaws and operating agreement drafting, and registration as Minority/Woman Owned Businesses. We also assist with obtaining the necessary licenses to operate legally.

Trucking Solutions

With the help of our trucking focused services, you can get the direction and assistance required to build a compliant freight business or launch a profitable trucking company. We can help you start your trucking business, save money and secure the required permits.

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  • Will your company handle Sending W-4 & I-9 forms to my employees?
    Yes. If you hiring new employees Xecutive drive will send each new employee a W-4 and I-9 to manage the new hire process for our clients. Our team makes it easy to just manage and over see the process.
  • Do I have to provide employees with their W2's at the end of the year?
    No. W2's are automatically sent to all of our clients employees electronically via email and USPS mail.
  • What is the difference between W2 and 1099 workers?
    The main difference is that W2 is a payroll employee and 1099 is a non-payroll worker also known as subcontractors. Employers must file 941's, 940's, W3's and W4's for W2 employees and ensure taxes are removed from paychecks. On the other hand employers must file a 1096 for 1099 workers and are not required to pay employer taxes. 1099 workers may be an individual or business.
  • What state do you offer payroll services for?
    Xecutive Drive has payroll clients across the United States and offers payroll services to all states in the United States. Our payroll experts have knowledge and experience processing payroll in mutliple states.
  • If hired, how long does it take for you to start running payroll for my company?"
    The onboarding process will begin within 1 - 3 business days after hiring Xecutive Drive for payroll services. A payroll specialist will be assigned and your specialist will begin collecting your employee data.
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