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Strategic Staffing: How Temporary Accounting Professionals Support Year-End Processes

Updated: Jan 1

At the end of the year, companies often hire accounting temporary staff to help them close their books and prepare for the new year. This is because the end of the year is a busy time, when companies need to reconcile accounts, close out the books, and prepare financial statements. Accounting temporary staff can help with these tasks, allowing the company to focus on other areas. Additionally, hiring accounting temporary staff helps the company save money, as temporary staff are often cheaper than full-time staff. Temporary staff also provide flexibility to the company, as they can be hired and dismissed quickly. Finally, accounting temporary staff are often experienced and knowledgeable, and can provide valuable insight into the company’s financials. All in all, companies hire accounting temporary staff at year end to help them close the books and prepare for the new year in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Reason 1: Handle Increased Workload

  • Closing books

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Completing audits

Reason 2: Cover Employee Vacations

  • Many take time off at year end

  • Temps fill in so work still gets done

Reason 3: Bring in Specialized Skills

  • Tax accountants

  • Auditors

  • IFRS experts

Reason 4: Evaluate Potential Hires

  • Try before making permanent hires

  • Ensure good culture fit

Reason 5: Save on Costs

  • Avoid paying benefits

  • Only pay for time needed


  • Temp staff provide flexibility and skills

  • Critical at high-volume times like year end

  • Allows existing staff to take time off

  • Lets companies pilot new hires

  • Reduces HR costs

Call to Action

  • Consider hiring temps to ease year-end crunch

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