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Xecutive Drive


Igniting Dreams Through Youth Empowerment

Xecutive Drive Cares

provides career training and development in a corporate work environment to students between the ages of 16 - 24 years old.

Our program is designed to help students satisfy graduation requirements thru community service and internships while gaining work experience and developing career skills.

Youth Conference
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Interested in Enrolling?

It's simple and convenient.

  1. In-office and remote opportunities

  2. High school and college students

  3. Flexible schedules available

  4. Commit to a minimum 25 hours

Registration Opens
May 1, 2023
Program Begins
June 26, 2023

Career Focus


Web design

Research & Development

Data management

Quality assurance



Business Administration

Event planning

Satisfy high school graduation volunteer requirements

Satisfy college internship requirements

Introduction to corporate work environment

Hands on career training

Skill development

Program Initiatives

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